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Architecture Design

Bin Dayel Contracting is one of the prominent signs in the contracting market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with its pioneering development and vital projects, residential, commercial, administrative and recreational, spanning nearly thirty-five years. Where unique designs, modern technology, speed of achievement, honesty and accuracy in implementation, and certainly this success is behind management and accumulated experiences in the science of construction and reconstruction, in addition to the growing interest in applying value engineering in managing vital and development projects without prejudice to the essence.

Building Construction

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a national company that has been working in the field of contracting in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for nearly 35 years. In light of the high rates of development in the Kingdom and the diversity of its sources, we had previously participated in the construction boom that the country witnessed by implementing projects for many institutions and authorities, for example, but not limited to, social centers, educational complexes, commercial towers, housing units, medical units and huge commercial markets all over the Kingdom, and we are currently implementing projects with more than one party, such as "Imam Muhammad bin Saud University, King Saud University, General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training King Fahd Medical City, General Authority of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Defense “We rely on accuracy, quality and speed of implementation in the implementation of our projects, and out of our cumulative experience in the field of contracting.

Building Renovation

In addition to urban design and construction, Bin Dayel has many projects that have re-designed and restructured buildings through the rebuilding mechanism. For buildings of great importance and from mechanisms for preserving cultural heritage that are used to preserve these buildings and extend their life or return them to Life again It is implemented in a professional manner while maintaining and maintaining the buildings as well as developing and maintaining the systems available inside the buildings.



Bin Dayel Contracting is Saudi in its ownership and senior management, and it has a technical staff with a high degree of experience and efficiency. It also has trained workers and has long experience working in the Kingdom.

Bin Dayel Contracting, with the grace of God and its outstanding performance, has won the approval of most government agencies and local and international consultants working in the Kingdom.

The quality of our work lies in our selection of distinguished projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including, but not limited to (Prince Salman Social Center, King Saud University – College of Computer, Manarat Riyadh Complex, Association for Disabled Children in Riyadh, Ministry of Defense and Civil Aviation, King Fahd Medical City, University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University and the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training).

Why choose us for your next project !

Bin Dayel Contracting’s success stems from our core values, which help us in making our decisions.
For more than 35 years, these values have helped us define the business philosophy of Bin Dayel Contracting. Our management teams continue to adhere to those values which lead to
respect, trust and integrity

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