About Us

With the large growth experienced in the construction sector in the Kingdom during the recent decades there has surfaced economic entities which, in turn, has contributed to overall development witnessed in the kingdom, especially in the field of contracting. From these entities stands Bin Dayel contracting which was able to contribute to an effective role in pushing the construction and development through a commitment to service-seeded construction, and construction of first class. Furthermore, it is one of the building blocks for the development of contracting activity reflected by the growth activity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Bin Dayel was established in 1401 g. to contribute to the payment of the movement of the economy and its growth in the country through implementation of construction projects for various governmental and private sectors, where Bin Dayel have implemented construction projects to serve both the area of (housing, health, education). This was through developing a strategic Plan, which aims to upgrade the level of provision of services in construction and building. Indeed, Bin Dayel have succeeded to achieve the objectives of this plan through providing qualified executives and modern techniques that have contributed to the achievement of its objectives. More over, surpassing obstacles to reach the desired vision.

In the belief of the importance of the role of human resources in achieving its goals, it has been keen on the appointment of skilled manpower and attracting competencies and experiences from all different sectors. Therefore, it managed to formulate an integrated technical work team on a high level of training and competence and began the implementation of the projects efforts, which exceeded high expectations. For that reason, it has gained the confidence and the satisfaction of its clients.

From the leading role in which Bin Dayel Company plays in the service of the nation and home, we find that it is always in line with competitive companies to raise the level of the infrastructure of the country. In order to do that, it has geared all of its energy and its potential to compete in the internal development of the country through relying on its capabilities and achievements since its foundation 30 years or more ago.